COVID-19 Update: We will continue to prioritize shipments of our inventory to the first responders, healthcare professionals, and government workers striving to keep us safe. In addition, we remain committed to manufacturing KN95 masks for the general public. Our KN95 masks are now in stock and available for purchase. 

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All of our products are certified, genuine and made in accordance with industry standards.

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We are a certified distributor of high-quality and adjustable KN95 masks designed and engineered for personal safety. In addition to the annual cold and flu season, Coronavirus/COVID-19 has placed an unprecedented burden on global healthcare systems. To help combat this pervasive virus, we have focused on making our inventory available to healthcare employees, first responders, and government workers as a top priority. While the public need during this time will continue to be our highest priority, we will continue to offer our certified and secure KN95 Masks for private consumers at an affordable price.

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5 Layers of filtering multiple protection

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We guarantee that all of our KN95 masks are genuine, certified and made as per industry standards

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